Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur : The level of panic is somewhere between “Shit, not this again.” and “The world is falling down.” Several players at Tottenham have said their careers are basically tied to Pochettino, including Captain Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen. They love playing for Pochettino, so needless to say we’d be terrified. That being said, we aren’t naive

Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur LivE

A day is going to come where someone like United, Real Madrid, PSG, etc are going to give him a deal he can’t refuse. Spurs return to Premier League action after a victorious north London derby in the Carabao Cup, hoping to build upon their recent good form and ignore the rumours circulating around manager Mauricio Pochettino and Old Trafford.

As for replacements, Marco Silva I think would be in the conversation as would Eddie Howe. I think Levy would make sure the new manager is someone that can come in and make a splash, given that Pochettino is one of his longest tenured managers and has built this club basically into “Pochettino FC”

RBM: Harry Winks has been a target of Everton fans’ ire over recent years, but it’s not really his fault. We’re just bitter that Tom Davies has been his equal if not a better player at times, while Winks has gotten all the publicity and England involvement. This season, though, it seems that ol’ Harry has stalled in his development. What’s going on?

CFC: I don’t think Winks fully recovered from his long-term injury. He looks a step slower and, sometimes, is tedious with the ball. That leads to sloppy play and that about sums up Winks. He can definitely bounce back from it, but this season has been a rough one for him.Spurs have been linked recently with a permanent deal for Andre Gomes. Do you think he’s a realistic target for Tottenham? Will they actually buy anyone in January?

CFC: There was a lot of smoke around Gomes to Tottenham, but the belief is that Levy wanted a year loan with an option to buy at the end. Everton, obviously offering cold hard cash to Barcelona, were the easy choice there. We weren’t sure if Gomes would have been a good fit, but seeing what he’s done at Everton makes me believe it was a mistake to miss out on him.

January, I am not anticipating any big deals unless a Levy Bargain Basement special comes along. That’s entirely possible, but right now the only thing I would expect is perhaps seeing Fernando Llorente leave the club for La Liga.

RBM: We talked about this on School of Science Radio earlier in the week – Spurs have been absolutely killed by injuries this season. Which has been the most devastating and why?

CFC: Right now, I’d say it’s a dead heat between Vertonghen, Davinson Sanchez and Mousa Dembele. Our midfield is a MASH unit right now and the back line has been forced to deputize Ben Davies as a left-sided center back, which is somehow not only working…but working well.

CFC: Speaking of magic, I’m guessing that Pochettino sacrificed a lot to those same football gods to resurrect Sissoko. He has been fantastic the last three months, there is no denying that. Up until this season, it’s safe to assume that most Spurs supporters (myself included) would have driven him to the airport themselves if a deal came along to sell him.

Tottenham have 39 points, while their opponents have garnered 24 points from 17 games. The difference between both teams is 15 points, but we can expect an entertaining match, as this fixture has always been exciting.

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